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CRYSTAL NEGRONI GLASS SET – This beautiful pair of cocktail glasses has a heavy, rounded base and smooth silhouette for a modern look. Designed specifically for the unique Negroni, this tumbler glasses set looks great in the hand or on a bar cart.
SHORT GLASSES PERFECT FOR LOWBALL COCKTAILS – The 8 oz capacity of these bodega glasses leaves plenty of room for extra-large ice cubes and a broad strip of orange peel. Perfect as lowball glasses or generous liquor glasses, neat or with ice.

Raye Crystal Negroni Glasses Set of 2


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GIN & TONIC GLASSES FOR COCKTAIL ENTHUSIASTS - Designed specifically to enhance the unique botanical profile of the classic gin & tonic, this cocktail glass makes a refined addition to anyone’s at-home bar set or kitchen.
BALLOON GLASS WITH ROOM FOR ICE - The balloon shape has plenty of room for ice to keep your gin & tonic chilled, and enhances the aroma and flavor of your drink to ensure that you fully experience the fragrance of your favorite gin.
STEMMED CRYSTAL MARTINI GLASSES This beautiful cocktail glassware is designed with precise angles and crystal clarity. Sleek and contemporary, these glasses look great on a bar cart and give some understated elegance to any drink.
PERFECT FOR COCKTAILS SERVED UP – This classic martini barware set is perfect for a martini, Manhattan, or any drink served up. Shake up your favorite drink and serve it in this stunning glass to enjoy your drink how it was meant to be sipped.
COCKTAIL GARNISH – Perfect for adding the finishing touch to your cocktails, the pimento olives ramp-up the character and authenticity of the Dirty Martini.
TASTY SNACK – Bathed in vermouth and stuffed with pimento, these olives make for a delicious snack to be enjoyed at dinner parties or social gatherings.

Vermouth Martini Pimento Olives 5 oz


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