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Whiskey Glasses

Discover a world of refined craftsmanship with our selection of unique whiskey glasses, designed to enhance every sip and elevate your home bar experience. Immerse yourself in the art of whiskey tasting with our thoughtfully curated range of whiskey glasses, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of every pour. Whether you're a connoisseur or an aspiring mixologist, these whiskey tasting glasses are more than just vessels.

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THE PERFECT CHILL WITH NO DILUTION - Treat your quality whiskeys with respect. This whiskey tumbler is engineered to keep drinks cold without watering down your alcohol over time, and without the need for whiskey stones.
BUILT-IN COOLING GEL - Enjoy an old fashioned, whiskey highball, manhattan, or a neat pour of bourbon or scotch without watering down your quality ingredients. Works great as a cocktail glass for mixed cocktails or as a rocks glass.
A MUST-HAVE FOR WHISKEY LOVERS AND ENTHUSIASTS - Spirits devotees know that you need the right glass for your best whiskey. Meticulously designed to enhance your finest spirits, this glass is perfect for anyone who enjoys a fine bourbon or Scotch.
DOUBLE WALLED DESIGN REGULATES TEMPERATURE - Our double walled whiskey glasses protect your liquor for the heat from your hand, keeping your whiskey colder without needing more ice. The tulip shape of the internal vessel focuses your whiskey’s aromas.

Alchemi Double-Walled Aerating Tumbler


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