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Smoking Kits

Introducing Viski's curated collection of premium Cocktail Smoking Kits and Alchemi products – a fusion of artistry and innovation for the modern home mixologist. Elevate your mixology game with our meticulously crafted cocktail smoking kits, designed to infuse your drinks with captivating aromas and a hint of theatre.  Ignite your creativity, transforming ordinary drinks into extraordinary experiences.

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INFUSE ANY COCKTAIL WITH SMOKE - The Smoked Cocktail Set is designed specifically for cocktails, so you can achieve the ideal smoke infusion that suits your tastes. This smoked old fashioned kit is a new way to smoke cocktails right in your own home.
EASY WHISKY SMOKER KIT WITH CARAFE AND RECIPES - This cocktail or bourbon smoker kit includes a smoke-tinted glass carafe, stand, silicone stopper, 20 smoking pellets, and an instruction and recipe booklet to get you started.

Alchemi Smoked Cocktail Kit


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OLD FASHIONED SMOKER KIT - Designed to make infusing drinks with smoke simple for at home mixologists, the Single Serve Smoked Cocktail Kit is easy to use. A smoke cocktail kit is easy to use for old fashioneds, margaritas, and other drinks.
SMOKED WHISKEY KIT WITH TORCH, GLASS, AND MORE - This cocktail smoker set includes a 14 oz. lowball glass, butane torch, smoker, mesh strainer, and oak wood chips. This smoker for old fashioned cocktails will make the perfect smoked cocktails.

Alchemi Single Serve Smoked Cocktail Kit


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GLASS SMOKER FOR COCKTAILS - Our Barrel Board Smoking Kit is easy to use and is designed to make infusing drinks with smoke simple for at-home mixologists. Just light the included Genuine American Oak Whiskey Barrel Plank and place your glass on top.
INCLUDES A LOWBALL GLASS, TORCH, AND WHISKEY BARREL PLANK- This drink smoker infuser kit includes a 13 oz. heat-resistant borosilicate cocktail glass, butane torch, and an American oak whiskey barrel plank to get you started.

Alchemi Barrel Board Smoking Kit


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INFUSE ANY LIQUOR - The Alchemi Spirit Infusion Kit allows you to infuse any liquor with botanicals, fruits, herbs, spices, and more. Designed to streamline the infusion process and cut extra steps like straining, it’s the ultimate flavor hack.
INCLUDES 500 ML BOTTLE, INFUSION ROD, AND 5 BOTANICALS - With a 500 ml bottle, infusion rod with built-in strainer and stopper/pourer, and 5 botanicals to get you started, this kit works with whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and most liquors.

Alchemi Spirits Infusion Kit


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CRAFT A SMOOTHER BOTTLE OF WHISKEY - Perfect for whiskey lovers, this aging kit brings smoky complexity to your liquor. Just place the charred American oak stick in your liquor bottle to accelerate the aging process, improve flavor and round out harsh notes.
INCLUDES TWO CHARRED OAK STICKS AND STOPPER/POURER - Charred American oak aging sticks fit right into the silicone holder of the stopper pourer. Each stick is good for one aging use. Used sticks can be used for barbecue smoking and even craft brewing.

Alchemi Liquor Aging Kit


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