ARGON GAS WINE PRESERVER - Argon gas is the perfect way to keep your wine fresh after opening. No pressure to finish a bottle quickly after opening—with the Argon Wine Preserver, argon can keep an open bottle fresh for up to 30 days.
IDEAL FOR RED & WHITE WINES - Argon gas, used by winemakers in the bottle process, prevents excessive oxidation by displacing oxygen. This wine preserver gas keeps your wine flavorful or preserves vermouth for martinis and cocktails.
EASY TO USE - Just add wine argon gas to an open wine bottle for 2 seconds, then seal with the cork or a standard bottle stopper. Each argon gas cylinder full with enough to preserve up to 40 bottles of wine, port, and other vintages.
GREAT GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS - Why gift a bottle of wine when you can give the gift of long-lasting freshness? The Argon Wine Preserver is a unique, useful gift for wine lovers that will help them preserve their favorite Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.
Alchemi Argon Wine Preserver
Alchemi Argon Wine Preserver

Alchemi Argon Wine Preserver

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Keep your wine fresher, longer with the Alchemi Argon Wine Preserver. Trusted by winemakers and used in the bottling process, argon gas displaces oxygen and creates a protective barrier that prevents oxidation and keeps your wine flavorful for up to 30 days.
  • Quantity: 1 bottle
  • Ingredients: 100% argon gas
  • Capacity: Preserves up to 40 bottles.
  • Directions: Add argon gas to an open wine bottle for 2 seconds, then seal with the cork or a standard bottle stopper. Repeat each time you reopen the bottle.

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