Origins of Modern Glassware - Tools (B)

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STYLISH HIGHBALL COCKTAIL TUMBLERS – With their crystal clarity and gold-plated details, these 15 oz. glasses look great on a bar cart. While they’re perfect for a G&T or Tom Collins, they give any craft cocktail extra pizazz.
FINEST GLASS WITH GOLD ACCENTS – This beautiful crystal-clear glass set is crafted for a high-end sipping experience. Sleek draping glass and a gold-plated foot give this barware timeless elegance—perfect for serving your finest liquor.

Gatsby Highball Glasses Set of 2


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JAPANESE INSPIRED CRUMPLED GLASSES – These crystal whiskey glasses are crafted to look as though they’re being crumpled or crushed. This creates dramatic, eye-catching nice scotch glasses that are almost as fun to look at as they are to sip out of.
UNIQUE LOWBALL GLASSES FOR COCKTAILS AND BOURBON –This set of crystal cocktail tumblers will be your go-to old fashioned bar glasses. Plenty of room for cocktails such as a Negroni, or neat pours of rye whiskey with large craft ice cubes.

Molten Tumblers


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MINIMALIST CRYSTAL GLASS SET – This beautiful pair of cocktail glasses has a heavy, rounded base and smooth glass for a uniquely modern feel. This set of whiskey tumblers looks great on a bar cart or in your liquor cabinet.
SPARKLING LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL – Celebrate with your favorite bourbon, rum, or rye with these beautifully designed, versatile tumblers. The minimalist design and clean lines create a glassware set with an elegant, contemporary flair.

Raye Crystal Tumblers Set of 2


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