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STEMMED MARTINI GLASSES – This beautiful diamond-shaped cocktail glassware is designed with precise angles and crystal clarity. Sleek and contemporary, these stem martini glasses look great on a bar cart or in your liquor cabinet.
SPARKLING CRYSTAL GLASSWARE SET – This beautiful lead-free crystal martini glass set is crafted for a high-end sipping experience. Timeless elegance and thoughtful details make this tall martini glass set perfect for serving up your finest martinis.
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ELEVATED ESSENTIALS GOLD SHAKER COCKTAIL SET - This gold cocktail shaker set is way better than your average bar basics. Upgrade your home bar with all the bar tools you need to craft your favorite drinks from martinis to mojitos.
GOLD-PLATED 7-PIECE BAR MIXING SET - This set includes: Crystal Mixing Glass, Hawthorne Strainer, Bar spoon, Large Boston shaker tin, Small Boston shaker tin, Muddler and Makoto jigger. Truly everything you need for your favorite cocktail recipes.

7-Piece Belmont Barware Set


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Lead-free crystal construction with stainless steel dasher top

Bitters Bottle with Dasher Top in Gold


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