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No matter the occasion, cocktail glassware or professional-quality barware is a thoughtful, useful gift. Shop bar sets, infuser kits, and decanter sets for the perfect gift for home bartenders.

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INFUSE ANY COCKTAIL WITH SMOKE - The Smoked Cocktail Set is designed specifically for cocktails, so you can achieve the ideal smoke infusion that suits your tastes. This smoked old fashioned kit is a new way to smoke cocktails right in your own home.
EASY WHISKY SMOKER KIT WITH CARAFE AND RECIPES - This cocktail or bourbon smoker kit includes a smoke-tinted glass carafe, stand, silicone stopper, 20 smoking pellets, and an instruction and recipe booklet to get you started.

Alchemi Smoked Cocktail Kit


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INFUSE ANY LIQUOR - The Alchemi Spirit Infusion Kit allows you to infuse any liquor with botanicals, fruits, herbs, spices, and more. Designed to streamline the infusion process and cut extra steps like straining, it’s the ultimate flavor hack.
INCLUDES 500 ML BOTTLE, INFUSION ROD, AND 5 BOTANICALS - With a 500 ml bottle, infusion rod with built-in strainer and stopper/pourer, and 5 botanicals to get you started, this kit works with whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and most liquors.

Alchemi Spirits Infusion Kit


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BEAUTIFUL GIFT COCKTAIL GLASS SET – Drink in style with this iconic crystal whiskey glass set. A faceted base and smooth rim make these crystal scotch glasses ideal for cocktails or whiskey neat, while the 2″ round ice cube makers elevate your drink.
SET OF 4 WHISKEY LOWBALL GLASSES AND SPHERE ICE CUBE MOLDS – Large enough to serve as double old fashioned glasses but suitable for neat pours or whiskey on the rocks, this set includes crystal whiskey glasses and ice sphere molds.
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