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OVERSIZED MULTI-FUNCTION CORKSCREW – Supplemental length and weight endow this corkscrew with added power. The tool is fashioned from solid stainless steel with a double-hinged arm, sharp foil blade and handle inlaid with warm, polished wood.
REMOVE CORKS OR BOTTLECAPS IN SECONDS – A great corkscrew is worth its weight in gold. Discover a corkscrew that uses a stainless steel 5-turn worm and leverage technology to remove corks in just a matter of seconds. Includes bottle opener feature.

Admiral Corkscrew with Rosewood Handle


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KEEPS DRINKS ICE COLD - Just pop this double walled beer glass into the freezer for a few hours to chill, take it out, pour in your beer, and enjoy. This insulated pint keeps beer colder than just using chilled down beer glasses or beer mugs.
BUILT-IN COOLING GEL - This freezable pint chills your beer when frozen. Freeze for two hours to keep your beverage between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit. Place in the fridge for a more mellow cooling experience.
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Glacier Double-Walled Chilling Beer Glass

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CLASSIC 16 OZ METAL BEER MUG - This double-walled beer stein is perfect for anyone who loves their Pilsners and lagers. This pilsner mug holds 16 oz. of your favorite craft beer. Enjoy delicious brews from silver beer steins with striking details.
STAINLESS STEEL BEER STEIN WITH HANDLE - This beer glass is shaped like a traditional beer stein, complete with a heavy base and sturdy handle, but made from stainless steel. The handle helps keep your beer cold by preventing heat transfer.

Stainless Steel Beer Stein


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HAMMERED METAL ICE BUCKET - This stainless steel metal ice bucket suits a wide range of kitchen and home decor styles with its hammered metal finish and classic silhouette. Serve chilled wine or beer in this drink bin, or use it for cocktail ice.
STURDY HANDLES MAKE OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING A BREEZE - Easily transport this drink bucket with handles in and out of vehicles, off tables, and across yards. Perfect for backyard barbecues or parties, this tub makes a great self-serve icebox.