Garden 75 - Tools (A)

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HEAVYWEIGHT COCKTAIL SHAKER - Designed exclusively by professionals for professionals, our substantial stainless steel shaker is the cornerstone of a professional bar set. It holds 16.5 oz and looks as good in the bar as it feels in the hand.
QUALITY FINISH - With 1.35 mm thick walls and polished copper plating, this professional-grade bartending tool with a built in strainer ensures high functionality. Shake it like a professional mixologist with this nicely weighted shaker.

Summit Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker


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JAPANESE STYLE BARWARE IS KNOWN FOR SUPREME FUNCTION - From Japanese style double jiggers to Japanese mixing spoons, these bar tools are designed with style and function at a higher level than your usual drink accessories.
MIX UP YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS - Measure ingredients and impress friends and guests with your bartending skills. This Japanese style double jigger is perfect for using with mixing glasses and bar spoons, or cocktail shakers.

Summit Large Japanese-Style Jigger


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FINE MESH HAND HELD STRAINER - Versatile and easy to clean, cone strainers are an essential kitchen or bar tool. This fine mesh strainer cocktail accessory filters out ice shards and sediment and can be used with large or small mixing glasses.
QUALITY MATERIAL STAINLESS STEEL BAR TOOLS - Crafted from high quality stainless steel, our stylish bar strainer features a cone design. This fine mesh strainer with handle is perfect for catching stray seeds, herbs, and other small particles.

Stainless Steel Mesh Cone Strainer


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