Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe - Tools (B)

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CONTEMPORARY FACETED CRYSTAL GLASSWARE– This beautiful cocktail glassware is designed with elegant, geometric facets that mimic the cut of gemstones. Sleek and contemporary, these glasses look great on a bar cart and give some drama to any drink.
PERFECT FOR COCKTAILS – This slender highball barware set is perfect for a refreshing Tom Collins or Southside Fizz. A generous 14 oz capacity leaves room for cocktails and plenty of ice, making these tumblers perfect for a myriad of delicious cocktails.

Gem Crystal Highball Glasses Set of 2


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ART DECO GUNMETAL COCKTAIL PICKS BLACK - Make your drinks look stylish with sleek polished metal cocktail picks for drinks. Perfect for parties or enjoying drinks on your own, these drink garnish picks shine with a gunmetal finish.
STAINLESS STEEL METAL COCKTAIL SKEWERS - These metal drink skewers are made of stainless steel with a gunmetal finish, perfect as cocktail toothpicks for drinks with olives or brandied cherries. These gunmetal black cocktail garnish sticks are 5″.
GOURMET PICKLED ASPARAGUS – Discover a gourmet 16oz jar of hand-packed pickled asparagus. Hand-picked and packed with a little bit of spice, these fresh asparagus sticks are the premium choice.
COCKTAIL GARNISH – Perfect for adding the finishing touch to your cocktails, this pickled asparagus is the ultimate companion to a Bloody Mary cocktail.

Gourmet Pickled Asparagus 16 oz


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