Art of Cocktail Presentation - Tools (B)

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GIVE IT SOME ZEST - Easily zest oranges, limes, and lemons with this sleek and chic zester. Easy to grip and use with its simple design, it’s the ideal tool to add finishing garnish to drinks at home and make your craft cocktails look professional.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Crafted from durable stainless steel and polished black walnut wood, this elegant channel knife is beautiful and easy to use. The riveted wood handle is elegant, and the curved blade is ideal for shaving rind into delicate garnishes.
MODERN TIKI COCKTAIL PICKS - Make your drinks look stylish with sleek, stunning polished copper metal cocktail picks for drinks. Perfect for parties or enjoying drinks on your own, these drink garnish picks shine with a tiki design and copper finish.
STAINLESS STEEL METAL COCKTAIL SKEWERS - These durable metal cocktail picks are made of stainless steel with a high-shine copper finish, perfect as martini toothpicks for olives or brandied cherry garnish picks for cocktails. Each pick is 5″.
OLD FASHIONED SMOKER KIT - Designed to make infusing drinks with smoke simple for at home mixologists, the Single Serve Smoked Cocktail Kit is easy to use. A smoke cocktail kit is easy to use for old fashioneds, margaritas, and other drinks.
SMOKED WHISKEY KIT WITH TORCH, GLASS, AND MORE - This cocktail smoker set includes a 14 oz. lowball glass, butane torch, smoker, mesh strainer, and oak wood chips. This smoker for old fashioned cocktails will make the perfect smoked cocktails.

Alchemi Single Serve Smoked Cocktail Kit


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USE WITH BITTERS & FLAVOR EXTRACTS - Take your home bar beyond the basic martini. Use to spray Scotch over an old fashioned cocktail for a hint of smoke, or fill the martini mister with absinthe for an herbal kick.

Glass Cocktail Atomizer


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