Why is the handle of a bar spoon spiral?

At first glance, the spiraled design of a bar spoon might seem purely ornamental. However, the real reasons behind the spiraling are deeply rooted in functionality: for precise stirring, accurate measuring, layering cocktails, and even preserving carbonation.

Smooth Stirring

Stirred cocktails tend to be spirit-forward, meaning they’re designed to be strong, flavorful, and only slightly diluted with ice. When making them, you need to chill and mix your ingredients thoroughly without agitating the drink, which melts the ice too quickly and creates a watered-down cocktail. The spiral bar spoon helps direct the flow of liquid as you stir, ensuring that your drink is properly chilled but still delightfully strong.

Gunmetal Weighted Bar Spoon


The spiral bar spoon serves another critical function—maintaining the fizz in your cocktails. When making drinks that include carbonated beverages like champagne or soda, vigorous stirring tends to reduce the carbonation in your drink, making for a flat cocktail. 

If you pour carbonated liquid straight down the spiraled stem, it flows down the spiral smoothly, reducing the amount of bubbles that get popped on their way to the glass. Try a simple test to see the difference—pour soda straight into a glass without any modifications, and you’ll see it immediately bubble up in the glass, sometimes all the way to the rim. If you tilt the glass at an angle and touch the lip of the soda bottle to the rim as you pour, you’ll see much less agitation. And if you pour soda into a glass down a spiral bar spoon, you’ll notice even fewer bubbles rising to the surface. 

Copper Weighted Bar Spoon

Measuring and Layering Drinks

Layering is a sophisticated technique that involves carefully pouring different spirits into a glass to create visible layers based on the weight of different liquids. The spiral bar spoon is an essential tool for this. By pouring spirits slowly over the back of the spoon, you can create beautiful layered cocktails. The spiral design ensures a slower flow, providing more control over the process.

Additionally, the bar spoon can serve as a measuring tool for small amounts of bitters or syrups. In mixology, a 'spoon' often refers to a bar spoon's worth of an ingredient—approximately 5 ml.

Professional Trident Bar Spoon

Understanding why bar spoons are spiraled unlocks a new appreciation for this underutilized bar tool. It's not just about aesthetics—every aspect of a spiral handle bar spoon has a distinct purpose. Whether you're a professional bartender or a cocktail enthusiast, incorporating a spiral bar spoon into your repertoire will elevate your cocktail creations to new heights. 

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