Introducing the Nouveau Coupe Glasses

Colored glassware has seen a resurgence in popularity, from classic vintage pieces to contemporary versions in updated colors. In part, this trend is a departure from the minimalist styles that have dominated decor and barware—as cocktail enthusiasts start exploring more maximalist styles, that drive for unique and vibrant aesthetics has shown up in elaborate garnishes, futuristic techniques, and of course stunning glassware.

Our Nouveau line addresses that need for color. Crafted from fine European crystal, each glass comes in a variety of bold hues including berry, amber, sage green, and smoke grey. The latest addition to this glassware collection is our colorful coupes—the perfect way to make your favorite cocktails pop.

Coupe glasses are a longtime favorite of bartenders. Less prone to spills than the angular Martini glass but perfect for shaken drinks served up, the stemmed design protects drinks from the heat of your hand, keeping them chilled longer. We chose a sleek angular design to complement the lush hues of our Nouveau coupes, and a long, elegant stem to make them stand out. 

Choose your favorite color or mix and match: no matter your glassware style, these striking colored coupe glasses bring much needed flair to any bar cart. Use them to serve classic cocktails like Martinis, Manhattans, Daiquiris, or Gimlet, or explore popular drink trends like Espresso Martinis, Cosmopolitans, or Pisco Sours.

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