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MOUNTAIN ICE PRESS FOR WHISKEY GLASS - Create an icy mountain peak at the bottom of your whiskey glass with this silicone ice mold. Inspired by the mountains of the PNW, this Old Fashioned ice mold is perfect for bourbon, scotch, or tequila.
SILICONE ICE MOLD AND CRYSTAL GLASS - This set includes a freezable whiskey glass with a square base and a craft cocktail ice maker that fits over the glass. Just add water to the bourbon glass and place the silicone ice mold on top before freezing.
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Mountain Ice Mold with Glass Set


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SIP IN STYLE WITH STAINLESS STEEL ICE CUBE SPHERES - Update your cocktail presentation with these glacier globes. Designed to chill your wine or drinks without watering them down, these wine globes will enhance your sipping experience.
BEAUTIFUL WINE OR WHISKEY BALLS - These whiskey rocks chilling stones are ideal for keeping white wine cold without dilution. Just chill your stainless steel whiskey stones in the freezer for 4 hours and drop them in your cocktails, spirits, or wine.
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