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Chilling Glassware

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SERVE WINES AT THE PERFECT TEMP - Freeze this wine glass to keep white wines cold and crisp for hours. Or cool the glass down in the fridge to keep red wines at a comfortable cellar temp. This wine glass works for any varietal.
BUILT-IN COOLING GEL - The double-walled cooling gel design is more functional and creative than the usual stemless wine tumblers and wine glasses. This lets you achieve and maintain the ideal temperature for your beverage.
THE PERFECT CHILL WITH NO DILUTION - Treat your quality whiskeys with respect. This whiskey tumbler is engineered to keep drinks cold without watering down your alcohol over time, and without the need for whiskey stones.
BUILT-IN COOLING GEL - Enjoy an old fashioned, whiskey highball, manhattan, or a neat pour of bourbon or scotch without watering down your quality ingredients. Works great as a cocktail glass for mixed cocktails or as a rocks glass.
KEEPS DRINKS ICE COLD - Just pop this double walled beer glass into the freezer for a few hours to chill, take it out, pour in your beer, and enjoy. This insulated pint keeps beer colder than just using chilled down beer glasses or beer mugs.
BUILT-IN COOLING GEL - This freezable pint chills your beer when frozen. Freeze for two hours to keep your beverage between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit. Place in the fridge for a more mellow cooling experience.