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SIP IN STYLE WITH STAINLESS STEEL ICE CUBE SPHERES - Update your cocktail presentation with these glacier globes. Designed to chill your wine or drinks without watering them down, these wine globes will enhance your sipping experience.
BEAUTIFUL WINE OR WHISKEY BALLS - These whiskey rocks chilling stones are ideal for keeping white wine cold without dilution. Just chill your stainless steel whiskey stones in the freezer for 4 hours and drop them in your cocktails, spirits, or wine.
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A WINE BOTTLE GIFT BAG WITH STYLE - Gift your wine with extra flair. This brown faux leather wine bag is sturdier than paper gift bags and adds gravitas to a special bottle of wine. A snap closure and stainless steel handles complete the look.
STURDY CONSTRUCTION AND STAINLESS STEEL HANDLES - The elegant, rich brown of leather is complemented by two polished stainless steel rings that serve as handles, while the snap closure helps keep your bottle secure.

Faux Leather Double-Bottle Wine Tote


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BEAUTIFUL HAMMERED BRASS CONSTRUCTION - Crafted from solid brass with a velvet backing and a hammered design, this drink coaster set complements any decor style and gives your home a rich textured aesthetic. Each coaster reflects the light.

Hammered Brass Coasters Set of 4


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SIP IN STYLE - Update your cocktail presentation with these elegant bar accessories. Designed to chill your drinks without watering them down, this set of two drink chillers will enhance the flavor of your whiskey neat or Negroni while keeping it cool.
BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL MATERIALS - These large soapstone cubes with rounded corners to prevent chipping are better than an ice tray. Just chill in the freezer and drop them in your craft cocktails, liquor, and more for a stylish solution to weak, warm drinks.
THREE ESSENTIAL CHEESE KNIVES - Upgrade your cheese tastings with these three gold knives, including a fork-tipped spear knife for crumbling aged cheeses, a mini-cleaver for hard cheeses and a soft cheese spreader.
STAINLESS STEEL WITH GOLD FINISH - Stainless steel blades are made to last whether you use them for brie or parmesan, and the bright gold finish adds a luxurious look to these kitchen accessories. Must-have tools for any cheese-lover.

Cheese Knives in Gold Set of 3


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GOLD MEASURED COCKTAIL SHAKER - Designed exclusively by professionals for professionals, our gold-plated stainless steel shaker is a striking addition to any bar set. It holds 14 oz and looks as good on the bar as it feels in the hand.
QUALITY FINISH - Crafted from gold-plated stainless steel, this bar tool brings new decadence to your cocktail experience. The shaker includes measurements and a viewing window for perfect ratios every time.

Belmont Measured Cocktail Shaker


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