Gift Ideas for Cocktail Lovers

Gifts for everyone from home mixologists and Scotch aficionados to margarita devotees

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be a challenge, particularly if they have strong opinions about their favorite spirits, vintage, or cocktail. Our beer, wine, and liquor gift guide will help you find the right present for your Scotch sipping dad, natural wine-obsessed best friend, aspiring bartender wife, craft beer nerd cousin, or anyone who just likes a good drink from a great glass.


What do I buy for a whiskey lover?

Anyone who loves to drink whiskey will appreciate a set of nicely weighted old fashioned glasses. For extra points, a set of matching whiskey glasses with a decanter is a thoughtful, elevated whiskey gift.

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to compare different Scotches, seek out Scotch tasting glasses, which bring out the subtleties and aromatics in complex blends. Crystal tasting glasses have a round bowl and narrow rim designed to concentrate the scent and flavors of liquor.

And if you’re looking for a gift for someone who likes to throw their whiskey back neat, gift them a set of specialty heavyweight shot glasses or cooling shot glasses to make the experience a little more refined. Or discover the world of whiskey stones and reusable metal spheres to chill whiskey without dilution.

What do I buy for a gin lover?

For a gin drinker, try getting them a specialty glass for their favorite cocktail. If they’re a dirty Martini fiend, a set of contemporary martini glasses and some spicy cocktail olives make a great gin gift.

For the Negroni devotee, surprise them with sleek Negroni glasses designed specifically for the iconic cocktail. If they tend to drink tall, refreshing cocktails like a Tom Collins or a double G&T, seek out some unique highball glasses with gold details or striking facets in high-quality crystal.

What do I buy for a rum lover?

For rum lovers who favor Dark ‘N’ Stormys or other cocktails with a tropical feel, gift them a Moscow Mule mug (great for Dark ‘N’ Stormys, not just for Moscow Mules), unusual tiki glasses or other highball glassware to take their presentation up a notch.

For rum sippers who like to savor their spirits, a set of brandy glasses or other types of whiskey tasting glasses make a thoughtful rum gift. Old Fashioned glasses make a great glass for many classic rum cocktails, while stemmed coupe glasses are great for daiquiris and other cocktails served up, so tailor your cocktail glassware gift to the individual’s preferences.

What do I buy for a vodka lover?

Since vodka is best served as close to freezing as humanly possible, if you’re shopping for someone who likes their vodka neat look for insulated shot glasses with active cooling gel that keep your liquor nice and frosty.

If you’re shopping for someone who just can’t get enough of Bloody Marys, find a unique highball tumbler that’s perfect for a Bloody Mary topped with endless garnishes. For bonus points, add a few jars of pickled green beans, cocktail onions, and blue cheese stuffed olives so they can create the Bloody Mary of their dreams.

What do I buy for a tequila lover?

Who doesn’t love tequila? Whether you’re getting a gift for a tequila devotee or someone who just appreciates a classic margarita, there’s a perfect glass for any tequila gift. For the friend who loves tequila neat with salt and lime, seek out Himalayan Salt shot glasses for a unique tequila shot experience.

For the margarita lover, give them the tequila gift of a modern, updated take on the classic margarita glass with striking angles and an elegant stem—a far cry from those kitschy plastic margarita goblets at mediocre restaurants.

What do I buy for a cocktail lover?

For someone who loves craft cocktails but hasn’t delved into making them at home yet, a set of classic coupe glasses paired with a simple cobbler shaker is an excellent way to get them started on their home bar. For an avid home bartender, do a little sleuthing and see if they’ve got any gaps in their glassware collection: a stylish set of martini glasses, a set of highball glasses, or some versatile Old Fashioned glasses are always good places to start. A classic Lewis Ice Bag and Mallet is a great gift for cocktail nerds, since it allows them to have complete control over the quality of their ice, and a sturdy muddler is an excellent addition to any home bar.

If they’re particularly drawn to tiki drinks, look for modern takes on the classic tiki mug in refined materials like crystal, or if they have a signature drink, gift them with cocktail-specific glasses for their favorite drinks like a Gin & Tonic glass, Negroni glass, Manhattan glass, or Moscow Mule mug.


What do I buy for a red wine lover?

Since red wine often benefits from aeration, a decanter or aerating wine glass is a great gift for someone who is devoted to classic reds such as Pinot Noir, Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Merlot. Pair a decanter with a gift set of red wine glasses with wide bowls and tapered rims.

What do I buy for a white wine lover?

For white wine lovers, a chilling wine glass will help keep their Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, or Chardonnay perfect crisp and refreshing. An elegant ice bucket is another perfect white wine gift. Also a great gift for rosé aficionados!

What do I buy for a Champagne lover?

Help the Champagne lover in your life mix things up with stemless champagne flutes or sparkling wine glasses with modern details or classic facets. For an extra special gift, present them with a gorgeous Champagne bucket to keep their bubbly perfectly chilled while they sip and add some old fashioned elegance to their home bar.


What do I buy for a beer lover?

For the beer nerd in your life, a chilling beer glass will help keep their IPAs and Pilsners cold and delicious. If they’re drawn to Sour beers, Belgian beers, barrel-aged beers, or any beer that requires more of a sipping experience, gift them with some tulip glasses so they can have a proper tasting of their favorite specialty brews. Glasses designed for brandy tasting or even wine glasses serve as excellent beer tasting glasses as well.

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